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  • 26.03.2021, 06:47
    A good company with which I am trading in the Forex market for over 1 year.
  • 24.03.2015, 16:05

    Welcome-bonus $500 is available to all!

    Due to numerous requests $500 welcome-bonus is extended for all new clients and is also available to old clients.

    $500 welcome-bonus is a great opportunity to try new instrument or strategy and to learn the market for the beginner. Send a request for the bonus right now and earn more!

  • 24.03.2015, 15:59

    Payment system FasaPay is available now!

    Dear customers!

    We have a good news – payment systemFasaPay is available now to deposit and withdrawal! So you can make transactions with easy.
    The commission of the system is very small, 1% only and if you deposit more than $300 you won’t have to pay any commission at all. You can make transactions in USD or Rp.

    Learn more about funds transfer on site.
    To deposit please click here.
  • 19.02.2015, 11:55

    Good news!! LAMM on binary options

    For the first time Grand Capital Company release LAMM on binary options!

    LAMM service on binary options is similar to familiar LAMM service. So the Managers can diversify their trading portfolios and the Investors can learn a new market with the help of professionals.

    The new filter is available in the Managers’ rating which allows sorting LAMMs by the account types: Classic Standard, Classic Micro, Options European, and Options American.

    Attention! Options European account can be attached to Options European account only! This rule is valid for Options American too.

    If you have successfully been trading binary options, become the Manager in Grand Capital! Earn profit not only from the orders but also from investors connected to your account.

    Increase your income in one click!
  • 19.02.2015, 11:53

    Get $500 now!

    February 16, Grand Capital launched a new promotion - $500 as a gift! For the first time the Company offers o deposit bonus $500, which larger than any other broker launches!
    Get bonus on special Bonus account with the same conditions of Standard, trade in real market for 5 days and earn profit available to withdrawal.

    $500 bonus on real account – so you can try more. No deposit, withdrawn profit.

    It’s the best bonus for those who strive for the best. Learn real Forex fully!

    Get bonus now!
  • 03.07.2014, 11:46
    We are glad to announce few brand new features! In the middle of July we’re going to represent Webtrader – trading platform, that requires no download or install and makes the trading process much comfortable. Also in the next few weeks we’re starting to work with CFD Options and release new bonuses! Follow our announcements and develop your skills with Grand Capital!
  • 17.04.2014, 13:48
    We are happy to introduce the brand new design of Grand Capital Company website! Now it's much more simple and informative, it saves your time and makes the developing of your skills faster! Feel free to visit the new version of our portal!
  • 26.02.2014, 10:19

    Grand Capital

    We are announcing a complete redesign! The new site will be available in March! It will be simpler and more informative, brighter and more positive! Follow our announcements and develop your skills with us!
  • 02.02.2014, 13:28
    Grand Capital Company strives for the best. We are announcing a complete redesing. Follow our announcements and develop your skills with us!
  • 12.12.2013, 09:21
    I just wanna share my experience.
    I've been trading in the foreigh exchange market for 2 years. To be honest, I have no regrets about my decision about getting an option account. It wasn't an easy choice, but now I can say: "Grand Capital" is my best way.
    I want to distinguish some advantages (I hope this information would be useful):
    - you can withdraw earnings easy and fast
    - duration of the transaction is minimal (about 3-4 seconds)
    - binary options in Metatrader 4 trading platform
    - twenty-four-hour support.
    That's why I really recommend to try it.
  • 18.10.2013, 00:59

    If the price for a an option contract will be higher than the price at which it was concluded, You will get a profit.
    If the price for an option contract will remain unchanged, You will get the profit or you will incur a loss according to the specifications of the selected instrument.
    If the price is lower than the one at which the option was concluded, You will incur a loss.


    If the price for an option contract will be lower than the price at which the option was concluded, you will get the profit.
    If the price for an option contract will remain the same, you will have profit or loss, according to the specifications of chosen instruments.
    If the price for an option contract is higher than the price at which the option was concluded, you will incur a loss.


    -All risks are fixed - trader knows exactly how much he may lose or win on any of the options before the conclusion of the transaction.
    -Availability - traders buy the contract, not the asset. This allows you to receive the profit from the predicted price movement for those traders who could not overcome the barrier because of the high prices.
    -Profitability - could significantly exceed the profitability of the similar sums in the direct purchase of assets, as the profitability does not depend on the final price difference, and connected only with the change of the direction of the movement of the price for the asset.
    -Simplicity - the payments depends mainly on the direction of changing of the price of the asset, and not so closely connected with the price difference. That's why you can have less information about the asset and still have a profit.
  • 17.10.2013, 21:57
    The easiest way to trade on Forex!
    Anhang 1091
    Option account - Trading account, in which a trader buys a Binary options​. Which means that you’re making a stake on the lowering or raising of the rate of the selected asset after a specified time.
    This type of account would be interesting as for the beginners and for the experienced traders due to its simpleness, fixed risks and opportunities to build a specific strategy that does not depend on the sudden change of the market situation.
    Minimum bet is $ 1, the duration of the transaction from 4 minutes, the opportunity to try out the service in demo mode - this makes an Option account an attractive and powerful tool to make profit on Forex.

    Principles of trade​
    To open a transaction on the account, you need to specify the parameters:
    • the amount of the transaction,
    • the time for which the contract was concluded,
    • type of the option (call / put).
    Anhang 1090

    At the conclusion of the transaction you only need to specify the amount, the time on which the contract will be concluded and the type of option - nothing else is required.

    The speed
    The result can already be seen after 3 minutes! (this is the minimum duration of the transaction).

    All of the risks are fixed
    Possible loss (as well as profit) is strictly limited, are known in advance and do not depend on the changes of the tools with which you’re making the transaction.
    You can build a strategy, which would be independent from a sudden changes in the market conditions (News for example). Also you can reduce the risks from the transactions made on the spot rates.


    Phone: +7(812) 300-81-96
  • 11.10.2013, 02:59
    Anhang 1076
    Company news:

    Changes for CFD instruments and futures.
    Dear customers, work on CFD instruments for futures in Meta Trader 4 platform.
    We inform you that the commission for transactions on contracts CFD on futures has been increased from 04.01.2013. It is $ 20 or the equivalent in the currency of the account now.
    Also only one (the most liquid) contract of the instrument will be available for trading. With the introduction of the next month contract, trading under old contracts will be put on "just closing." Thus, the only one contract of the instrument(the most relevant at the moment) is always available for trading.
    We also remind you that trading futures you can use a direct exchange platform - CQG Trader.
  • 11.10.2013, 02:03
    I'm surprised that the company did not cause the interest participants. Probably afraid of what the company is registered by the Russian. I have it too alarmed. I want to share with all joy. 3rd place in the competition. So it really going to try to win.What news from the company?
  • 11.10.2013, 02:00
    Good luck!!
  • 01.10.2013, 21:27
  • 01.10.2013, 21:25
  • 01.10.2013, 11:14

    Market review

    Anhang 1054
  • 16.09.2013, 08:39
    Thank you for calling attention to the company Grand Capital website represents the shares of which are held today

    Contest «Micro Trade»
    Trader contest «Micro Trade» is held on the real cent accounts. Every last week from Monday till Friday while trading on the Real Micro (deposit from $50 to $200) it is necessary to perform maximum profit among all participants.
    -The first prize – 300% from profit for all tour!
    -10 winning places
    -Free to participate

    One hour contest – Drag trade
    The fastest contest in Russia – Drag Trade. It is held every Friday from 15:00 till 16:00 (at the terminal time). Trading on the DEMO-account (initial deposit is $100 000) during one hour it is necessary to perform maximum profit among all participants.
    -The first prize – $200!
    -10 winning places
    -Free to participate

    One day contest – Rally trade
    Traders contest Rally Trade is held every 2 weeks on Thursday. Trading on the DEMO-account (initial deposit is $10 000) during one day is necessary to receive maximum profit among all participants.
    -The first prize – $2000!
    -20 winning places
    -Free to participate

    Terms and Conditions
  • 16.09.2013, 02:32
    A good company with which I am trading in the Forex market for over 1 year. all suits
    -order execution
    connection with pdatformoy
    and analytical reviews ..........
    I would like that to become better support does not always work quickly
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