BitPROFIT Signal is an automated Forex trade copy service. Our subscribers can automatically copy our trading strategy for 100% FREE onto their MT4/MT5 accounts.

Our service is 100% FREE and independent of the invested funds' size. By subscribing to our service, we set the subscribers' MT4/MT5 trading accounts on our server and execute the trades simultaneously as on our master trading account. It is not required to pay a subscription for an additional VPS server since our service includes it.

The trade copy service runs on a local server environment with the lowest possible ping to trading servers. The ping is ranging from 0.1ms to 5ms.
On a separate risk setting page, every subscriber can set their copy ratio from 0-100% of the risk/reward as our master account. It is also possible to add a fixed drawdown limit where the trades are automatically closed, and the further copy is disabled.

The daily target is to generate between 0.5 and 3%:*this means that until the objective has been reached, the system will continue to look for opportunities to open new positions provided that they comply with the predetermined logical conditions.
The maximum loss is 3% per day,*depending on the risk level of losing trades to be recovered on the following day or the next opportunity.
The system uses a different trading strategy:*opening and closing a position in a short time interval in order to take advantage of small market movements, with an average trade duration of 1h.

The system uses single-entry techniques:*which means that it never opens two operations simultaneously.
It, therefore, does not hedge or martingale. This limits exposure and therefore limits the risk of loss in the event of strong movements.
Transactions are carried out at 24-hour intervals,*which means that there is no floating beyond the day or the weekend.
Trading hours:*Monday to Friday ( The Forex market is closed on weekends )

BitPROFIT trading system was created with the aim of providing quality service for investors. One of the most important aspects of our trading service is to be able to produce a sustainable profit in the long term for our clients with the lowest risk exposure.

We work with IC Markets, Fusion Markets, Pepperstone, Tickmill Brokers. All of them are regulated brokers.

Do I need to register an account under your IB?

Yes, we require our followers to register an account under our IB to become a 100% Free Profit.

If you already have an account, you can register a new one under our IB with a different e-mail address or kindly advise ICMarkets partner Team to move your existing account under our IB.

Investment: from USD $500