What do you think, about forex seminars.

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    What do you think, about forex seminars.

    I have just watch a seminar in forex. The one who is doing the seminar, is a professional forex trader on the course of seeing the video 2 dvd's all of the lecture is for the average trader here if you are a novice trader you will not understand any of it. Did you watch forex seminars, and did it help you in enhancing your skills?

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    You can benefit from them, get some strategies down, learn some things, but in the end, you are on your own.

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    Forex seminars are very important for the forex trader and also newbie in forex. Newbie can get a chance to understand about the forex that what really forex is and what are the tactics to win in this trade.

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    I think forex seminars and demo accounts both are important.

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    Margin Call
    "...(but in the end,) you are on your own"

    I think this is it as related to the fact that trading is 90% psychology... or more.

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    You can benefit from them, get some strategies down, learn some things, but in the end, you are on your own.
    this sounds kinda pessimistic. maybe it makes sense, but i believe that learning from some other people's experience is very useful. your own mistakes are much more educative, but you can avoid them by actually learning like you do in a college. especially at the beginning - i don't think it's possible to talk about your own strategy or your own ideas at the very beginning.
    then, there are kind of trading gurus or teachers who help newbies. why not?
    as for the seminars, i think videos and interactive stuff is amazing. better be proven though because when you're new it's difficult to differentiate between good and bad.

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    I think is scam because after the seminar moderators say to deposit to their broker
    but if seminars came from personally is good

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    Like all training courses, Forex seminars will give a certain amount of knowledge, but simply impossible succeed without experience!

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    No course or training can guarantee you instand success at the markets. Some people are more "made for" trading than others, so is for applying the trainings content. Trading Psychology can not be overrated, and it´s not only when you already involved in the markets, it starts before. Whats your approach on trading and making money and so on. A hard topic, however, with enough persistancy everybody can learn to become profitable

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