Is forex trading, good bussiness.

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    Is forex trading, good bussiness.

    I am newbie for Forex trading and i have less knowledge in Forex and Forex is the risky business too.Even Forex make the person rich and can make poor.Its all the analysis, and the knowledge.I don't think this business will help the people to run life . I want to ask, this to export and old traders is the Forex trading good business to run the life.

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    Hi, I think you are right because I also have heard some thing like that.
    Actually I want to invest some money for starting my own business and I don't have experiences in any field and I wanted to invest in this business but then a my friend suggest me to invest in the real estate business. He said the Forex trading is really risky business but the real estate is not like that.
    so please any one resolve our confusion thanks in advance.

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