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    trading automatique forex

    One of the most important part of trading forex, especially for beginners. For every single trade that you enter into, no matter what, always set a stop loss. Initially, you can set the stop loss for 20 pips below the entry price with a goal of taking profit when the price rises at least 10 pips. When the price does rise, you can make a decision, either you can sell the currency or you can move your stop loss to break-even. As the price rises you can move your stop loss up or sell if the trend indicates the currency might moves down. This way your bad decisions won’t cost you while you’ll get the maximum profit from your wins.

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    I doubt that your trading strategy you mention here will make good profits in the long run. When you suggest to set a stop-loss order 20 pips off the market price and take profit at least 10 pips away from the entry price, there is an assymmetry between profit and loss. Yes, in order to make any profits the symmetry between profit and loss must be broken. But you break it in the wrong direction, as risking 20 pips and making at least 10 pips as a target won’t make it in the long run. The other way round would be much better. Forexhandelprofite will not appear with a dubious or wrong strategy.

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    10 pips profit with 20 pips loss is not good money management. In the worst case scenario, you lose double than what you could have gained. The other way around though, 20 pips profit with 10 pips stop loss is a good practice.

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    I would say you r money mangment strategy is not a good. It will mad decision when you will sell currency while 20% pi[ps loss with 10% pips profit. You have need to make it correct.

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