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    Your opinion...EA

    Your opinion....
    I bought this EA forex-e-trading last autumn. Firstly, I’ve decided to put it on demo account just to test it for 3 months.
    Through that time a lot has been going on the market and sometimes I couldn’t believe that it’s gonna be alright. However, after some time adviser get on very well and started confidently take profit.
    As a result – 95 % profit in 3 months. I can’t tell that this adviser is “OMG, the best ever developed” as it is written in some comments and feedbacks, but at least it is stable and I can trust this one.
    Afterwards, I’ve decided to put it on real account.
    Put it on 2 accounts and opened them simultaneously. On both accounts adviser is doing pretty good job as it is building good order “portfolio” with stable profit increase. But, not forgetting that slow and steady wins - race. I believe it is not bad for two month trade. I completely trust him, because on the long distance the profit is increasing not taking into consideration small milestones while reaching main goal.
    Summing up, based on the testing, I’ve decided to leave positive feedback. The costs are justified and I’m planning to gain more from this adviser and increase profit continuously.

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    Hi PPatrick!What losses under the account for all period were ?

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    Zitat Zitat von Gustav Beitrag anzeigen
    Hi PPatrick!What losses under the account for all period were ?
    Hi,in average it earns from 1-4 % per day.

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    PPatrick! Did you put advisor on your computer at home?

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    hI Yes, it is always on till the Friday’s evening. It made some unexpected shut downs, but it didn’t effect on the advisor’s work.

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    How is it working now? You have installed it some time ago?

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    Hi! I'm interested in this advisor, but can you get some more information about it? Have read a lot of responses about it..

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    Hi, Gustav It works very well, it has been increased risks. Now the drawdown might be around 14 % (it used to be not more than 8%) , but the profitability increased till 10-16%.

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    I've been using this advisor and others for 4 months and I consider this one as one of the most efficient tool. It has relatively low drawdown and It gives profit stable.

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    What losses under the account for all period were ?

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