Broco Investments - cheaters! don't return my money back

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    Broco Investments - cheaters! don't return my money back

    Hello, I want to tell you about Broco Investments.
    Broco are cheaters. Don't return me my money back.
    For a month they feed me with promises. Silly stories about their problems.
    I promised them that if I got no withdrawal of my money before 10th of January, then I will post to forums the truth about them.
    Broco has fined by the American regulator for over 1.5 million dollars.
    Russian license was revoked.
    Mauritius license was canceled .
    Their bank account in Cyprus blocked.
    Broco has a lot of debts to many news agencies.
    After being fined by the SEC, now they have to resolve the case, which is estimated at 1.5 million with Scottrade company.
    They have already fired 70% staff.
    As for me, they should return me about 15 000 euros. I don't longer hope to get them back =(
    Is not clear to me how they are currently carry out their activities without having that right, because the have no licences left?
    Company expertadviser24 are probably cheaters too ... they propose to open accounts in Broco
    They are real cheaters. I warn you not to work with Broco!

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    I am trading more than 2 years now with Broco and everything works fine.
    Brokerage companies like Broco is hurt to find, with variaty of instruments.
    I 've never had problems with them and their very helpfull with any issues.
    Sec case is over now and as I know is not their fault.
    In our days forums are not trusted.
    Check Broco and you will see how nice job their doing.

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    Ich versuche seit 26.11.2010 mein Geld und Höhe von 329.475,28$ zurück zu bekommen. Broco hat sämltliche Ausreden der Welt. Im Dezember 2010 sollte eine neuer Account gestartet werden. Mitte Dezember 2010 wurde für das stehende Konto 5,5% Zins geboten. Ende Dezember 2010 sollte eine Teilrückzahlung erfolgen. Seit Mitte Januar 2011 kein Lebenszeichen von Broco. E-Mails und Fax werden nicht beantwortet. Selbst Rechtsanwälte werden gnadenlos belogen.
    Wenn das keine Probleme sind, weiß ich auch nicht.

    I'm trying my money since 26.11.2010 and amount of $ 329,475.28 to pay back. Broco has excuses in the world. In December 2010, a new account to start. In mid-December 2010 was offered for the standing account 5.5% interest rate. End of December 2010 should be a partial repayment. Since mid-January 2011 no signs of life Broco. E-mail and fax will not be answered. Even lawyers lied relentlessly.
    If those are not problems, I do not know.
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    Und wer hat dich zu dieser Broker-Firma gebracht?

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