Hey everyone,

yes, I am working at Sensus and yes, for sure i like to promote them with own interest.
But... check out on your own if you wish. I am not forcing to open, just see yourself if it suits to your needs.

Forex Brokers are as different as the trading needs of the investors. It is not all about good and bad, expensive or not.
Some Traders look out for the best security and accept higher Spreads. Others want to benefit from the market as quick as possible, so they wanna have good trading conditions.

Sensus Capital is a hybrid Cyprus / German regulated Broker, offering therefore the fund protection 20k as well as it offers the high flexibility in condition structure.

Generally the Broker offers a very tight Spread of average 0,1 pip + commissions of 6 usd per Lot.

This gives you full freedom in trading, because you do not have to consider high costs in trading.
2016 will be a lucrative trading year for sure! Be part of it!

Contact me via LinkedIn or Xing in case of questions.


Antje Wagner