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    The schedule of trading during the period of Christmas and New Year's holidays

    Dear Customers!

    We offer you to look through the schedule of trading during the period of Christmas and New Year's holidays below:

    24.12.2014 - Forex, Spot metals, Commodities, Indexes and CFD - close at 22:00 GMT.

    25.12.2014 - All trading is closed (Catholic Christmas).

    26.12.2014 - Forex, Spot metals, Commodities, Indexes and CFD - open at 15:00 GMT.

    31.12.2014 - Forex, Spot metals, Commodities, Indexes and CFD - close at 22:00 GMT.

    01.01.2015 - All trading is closed (New Year).

    02.01.2015 - Forex, Spot metals, Commodities, Indexes and CFD - open at 15:00 GMT. The rest of the markets will work according of the sessions schedule.

    *We pay your attention, that during the Christmas and New Year's holidays, there may be some changes in trading conditions and margin requirements because of the low market liquidity. Some contracts may stop to be traded before the deadline because of the working schedule of the counterparty banks.

    Automatic deposit of funds via electronic systems will work in usual way, so as withdrawal of funds, except 24-25 December and 1-2 January when the withdrawal of funds will be not available. Tuesday December 24 and Tuesday December 31 are working days with less working hours.

    All other systems of deposit and withdraw of funds will work in holidays on the regular schedule.

    Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading

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    Fort Financial Services offers an opportunity to their clients to trade on contemporary and simple financial instrument – binary options.

    Binary options provide a wide range of advantages and opportunities which will be as interesting for newbies as for advanced traders:
    -Profit amount is known in advance – You can assess your potential profit before opening a trade.
    -Fixed loss amount – in case of loss, you only lose the amount of your initial investment without risking the rest of your deposit.
    -Simple trading principle – all you have to do is choose a trading contract, investment amount, determine the price direction and open a trade.
    -You can initially determine the duration of your investment by time, for example, by choosing an option which is valid for 60 seconds or an option with investment duration of 3 or more days.

    Platform for trading Binary options with Fort Financial Services gives you an opportunity to choose from a wide range of trading contracts – currency pairs, world leading company’s stocks, commodities, indices. You can learn more about all available trading contracts in the trading platform.

    In order to start earning on Binary options with Fort Financial Services, you have to follow these few easy steps:

    1.Register on the company’s website. If you are already registered – proceed to the Binary options page in your Trader’s room.

    2.Open Binary account by clicking Open account in Binary options section.

    3.Deposit not less than 100 USD to your new trading account in our company by using one of the payment options.

    4.Open the trading platform for Binary options trading with Fort Financial Services.

    5.Start earning up to 1150% from your investment!

    Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading

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    Good day to you all!

    Fort Financial Services team is happy to announce
    that now you can have a quick access to all the company's news,
    upcoming promotions and bonuses here:

    Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading

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    ​Dear traders!

    "Black Thursday" (2015/01/15) for some traders ended up to be truly black, but there were those who caught the moment and got lucky!
    An automated risk management system and a reliable partnership with world liquidity providers made it possible for Fort Financial Services to instantly execute all clients' trades with no delays.

    We sincerely congratulate most lucky traders!

    With the permission of our clients, we publish results of 8 most profitable accounts which have already been paid out:

    1. Account 502124 PRO (United Arab Emirates) 118 356 USD
    2. Account 502091 PRO (Singapore) 112 241 USD
    3. Account 240623 FORT (Malaysia) 103 057 USD
    4. Account 154624 FORT (United Kingdom) 87 739 USD
    5. Account 335070 FLEX (Kazakhstan) 44 608 USD
    6. Account 335021 FLEX (Russia) 36 803 USD
    7. Account 153240 FORT (Italy) 17 641 USD
    8. Account 153288 FORT (Brazil) 15 112 USD

    Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading!

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    Dear traders!

    Starting from 27.01.2015 until 10.02.2015 Fort Financial services offers an opportunity to deposit funds with SOREX payment system (Visa and MasterCard) with no commission!

    Advantages of this payment method:
    1. Instant deposit
    2. Maximum amount for 1 transaction is 7500EUR/10000USD/300000RU
    3. Up to 10 transactions per day

    Withdrawal to cards has no commission as well!

    Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading!

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    Dear traders!

    Fort Financial Services proudly announces that now all traders, from beginners to professionals, have an opportunity to try a flexible and a multifunctional trading platform which works with different markets and trading instruments: Futures, Forex and Stocks - NinjaTrader.

    What is NinjaTrader?

    NinjaTrader trading terminal is a flexible and a multifunctional trading platform for traders of any level of trading performance, from beginners to professionals. NinjaTrader works with different markets and trading instruments, such as Futures, Forex and Stocks.
    NinjaTrader uses a specialized strategy to automatically manage your trades, helping to keep control over your trades and risks. These strategies automate stop order settings and position your exit targets. Moreover, it includes trailing stops, auto-antiloss and much more.
    NinjaTrader has a multifunctional developer module where you can develop and program your own trading strategy, test it, optimize, test on real quotations and finally, apply it on your trading.
    NinjaTrader makes it possible to enter the market, place and modify orders with one click by using semi-automatic ATM strategies or by working directly from the chart. In this way you can trade and carry out analysis in the same chart.
    NinjaTrader includes more than 100 built-in indicators which can be adjusted to meet your preferences. Moreover, you can add your own indicators through NinjaScript™.
    NinjaTrader gets quotations directly from CQG. This helps to minimize delays in connection with Futures exchanges and execute client's orders as fast as possible.
    NinjaTrader is a highly professional terminal which considers all needs and requirements of traders.

    For those who are interested in this information, we invite you to have a closer look at the trading and margin conditions, commissions and much more on Fort Financial Services official website.

    We are working for you!
    Sincerely Yours,
    Fort Financial Services team

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    Greetings to all participants of the forum!

    There is an opinion among traders, in the internet, that Brokers use no deposit bonuses to attract new customers....

    The international broker Fort Financial Services decides to dispel this myth!

    Management of the company decided to launch a special no deposit bonus for both:

    - For Our old loyal clients since we are grateful to them for trading with us;
    -For those traders who already heard about us and want to test the quality of our services without investing own funds.

    To keep the intrigue, we do not disclose the terms of the bonus at this moment.
    Stay tuned, monitor our threads on forums and our corporate website and in the nearest future we will provide you with all details!

    Make big profit, for a gift for your sweetheart !!!

    Fort Financial Services Team

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    Dear traders!

    Our team is happy to announce that "Valentine from Fort Financial Services" bonus has been launched!

    From 14.02.2015 until 01.03.2015 all clients of the company can have an access to a "Valentine from Fort Financial Services" bonus which is 14 USD or equivalent in EUR.

    Everyone can gain an access to a "Valentine from Fort Financial Services" - our old loyal clients, since we are greatful to them trading with us, and those who are about to start trading with our company and who wish to test the quality of our services without investing their own funds.

    If you are an already existing customer of our company and you have previously received 5 USD bonus, you can still get a "Valentine from Fort Financial Services". In order to do that, you have to press a "receive bonus" button in your trader's room. Moreover, if your 5 USD bonus is still active, you can keep on working with it and with a "Valentine" at the same time! Trading turnover to withdraw these bonuses will be calculated successively.

    Make big profit, for a gift for your sweetheart!!!

    We are working for you!
    Sincerely Yours,
    Fort Financial Services team

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    Dear all forum participants!
    Our team wants you to pay attention that you can trade on NinjaTrader and get an access to world futures market absolutely free of charge!

    Well-known NinjaTrader terminal is offered in two variations:
    -Basic (basic functions of platform)
    -Advanced (an option to trade automatically)

    If you are not using automatic trading, you can use NinjaTrader platform absolutely free!

    Please have a closer look at all the functions of Basic (free) version of NinjaTrader platform:

    Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading!

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    Dear Clients!

    Fort Financial Services offers the opportunity to fund your trading accounts with Visa/Mastercard via the largest supplier of payment services Safecharge.

    You can find more information regarding the use of this payment system here Fort Financial Services official website

    Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading

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    Dear traders!

    Please note that USA begins Daylight Savings Time on 08.03.2015. Thereby, CFD ETF, American CFD contracts on Futures, American stock market will open and close the session 1 hour earlier.

    CFD Stock and CFD on ETF: opens at 15:30 - closes at 22:00 (EET)
    Metals: trading break from 23:00 until 00:00 (EET)
    Oil WTI: trading break from 23:00 until 00:00 (EET)
    Oil Brent: trading break from 23:00 until 02:00 (EET)

    Moreover, trading time changes for the following contracts: #USA500, #USA100, #USA30, ZN, ZB, YM, NQ, GF, CFD CURRENCIES, CFD ENERGIES, CFD METALS (ext MCX exchange), CFD GRAINS, CFD MEATS, CFD SOFTS.

    Trading on FOREX, at the specified period, will be happening from 0:00 on Monday until 23:00 on Friday.

    Binary Options: trading from 00:10 on Monday until 22:50 on Friday.

    Please note that from 30.03.2015, trading schedule will return to its standard mode.
    Consider temporary schedule when planning your trading.

    An updated trading time will be available in contract specifications

    *The schedule might be amended according to banks and counteragents working schedule.
    The schedule is in Eastern European Time EET (GMT+2).

    Fort Financial Services-Citadel of Trading

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    Dear traders!
    International licensed brokerFort Financial Services announces the reduction of commissions for trading via the professional terminals CQG (CQG Trader, CQG QTrader).
    If you are not a novice on the FX market, it is time to start trading with a professional trading platform!

    Now you can trade Contracts from global futures exchanges for only $ 3 (per transaction)!

    CQG is a top professional trading terminal tailored for high volumes trading on all the world's futures exchanges.
    This is a huge list of tradable contracts- futures, options and spreads. Global Exchanges: CME, Nymex, Comex, ICE, Eurex, ECN KCG HOTSPOT.

    Fort Financial Services-Citadel of Trading

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    Spring inspiration with Fort Financial Services!

    ​Dear traders,

    The most beautiful spring holiday - the 8th of March has passed.
    It is said that spring is a time of love, new life, the most beautiful flowers and not by chance we congratulate women on the 8th of March, because they embody the most wonderful spring qualities: sunny smile, unpredictable spring storm, tenderness and freshness of the first leaves.
    This year, Fort Financial Services has decided to complement all actively trading women of the company with a bouquet of flowers.

    We are sincerely thankful to all those traders - women who, in response, have sent us their photos with our bouquets.

    Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading

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    Dear members and guests of the forum!

    We would like to remind you that international broker Fort Financial Services welcomes all new traders! Our team offers you to check the quality of services, trading platform connection reliability, as well as orders execution on the real trading account with the use of 5 USD no deposit “Welcome bonus”.

    Fort Financial Services provides the opportunity for anyone who would like to try themselves in the real market conditions without the risks of capital investment.

    All you need is just to:
    1. Register on the official webpage of the international broker Fort Financial Services
    2. Open a real trading account
    3. Pass the standard verification process in your personal cabinet
    4. Get “Welcome bonus”!

    After completing the above steps, you will be able to enter the real time forex market and start trading without depositing any funds.

    You can find the terms and conditions of the bonus programme “Welcome bonus” on the official website of the internationally licensed broker - Fort Financial Services.

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    Dear all forum participants!

    We all know how hard it is to start trading on Forex. Taking into consideration this fact, our team has developed a special type of account. We have tried to provide an additional assurance from possible losses.
    An international broker Fort Financial Services is ready to partially compensate your financial losses from unsuccessful trades!

    Learning to trade on Forex has never been as safe as it is now with Fort Financial Services!

    In case your position closes with a minus, your Flex Newbie Account will be credited 10% of the amount of the loss as a form of support from our company.
    This compensation may be used in future transactions or withdrawn from the account without any restrictions.
    This became possible due to the fact that the total net positions of all trading operations on this type of account and transactions are insured by Fort Financial Services with liquidity providers.

    Trading conditions for Flex Newbie account

    Fort Financial Services-Citadel of Trading

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    "Fibonacci" Promo-Action!

    Dear traders!

    International licensed broker Fort Financial Services continues the series of promo-actions and bonuses, scheduled for 2015.

    Another surprise, which we hope will please you, is the "Fibonacci".
    The first mention of the mathematical Fibonacci sequence is found in metric sciences of ancient India. The principle of "golden ratio" Fibonacci was the basis for the construction of the great pyramids in Egypt.
    Nowadays, this mathematical principle is widely used in trading on FOREX to calculate the optimum return on every trade!

    We hope that our action "Fibonacci" will help you find the "golden ratio" for your profits!

    Action "Fibonacci" starts 06.04.2015.

    Detailed terms and conditions will be published on the official website of the broker, as well as in our threads on forex forums.
    Follow the news of the company!

    Fort Financial Services-Citadel of Trading

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    Dear traders!

    We are happy to announce a unique promo campaign to increase your profits while trading on financial markets!
    Since April 6, 2015 every profitable trade will get an additional percentage of the profit earned, according to the mathematical “Fibonacci” sequence. Percentage rate will vary depending on the day when the deal was closed. Below is a table of percents for a specific date.
    For example, on the 6th of April, we add an additional 1% on all closed profitable trades.
    From 17th to 20th of April, 8% will be additionally added. All the earned percentages will be deposited to your account immediately after the profitable trade is closed.

    -Fibonacci Promo-action is valid from 06.04.2015 until 01.05.2015 inclusive.
    -All dates are recorded strictly on the time zone of the terminal time, each next date begins at 00:00:00 terminal time.
    -Only accounts with a balance from 200 U.S. dollars or more (or its equivalent at the current rate in the terminal) will participate in this promo action. Amount of bonuses and trading results of closed deals will be included in calculation of minimal balance of 200 U.S. dollars to continue participation in this promo action.
    -The maximum amount of one-time percentage paid is limited to 50 U.S. dollars or equivalent
    -Total amount of percentages received for one account may not exceed 150 U.S. dollars or equivalent.
    -The accrued percents are free to withdraw without any restrictions!
    -Promotion is for all trading accounts types except “Flex Newbie Accounts” and “PRO-accounts”
    -The minimum bonus is 1 USD cent for standard accounts, and 0.01 USD cents for cent accounts
    -Company reserves the right to cancel all bonuses and the promotion promo action

    Trade with our “FIBONACCI” strategy and increase your profits!

    Sincerely yours,

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    Memorial Day in USA

    Dear Clients!

    We would like to raise your attention that there is an upcoming national holiday in the USA - Memorial Day.
    Therefore, the following schedule changes are expected for the contracts traded in the USA Exchange (CME, GLOBEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, ICE USA, NYMEX).
    Trading schedule for the contracts based on USOIL, UKOIL* will be affected as well:

    22.05.2015 – early closing of trading is expected.
    25.05.2015 – trading is closed.

    The trading on FOREX stays without changes. There may be a spread increase due to the possible lack of liquidity. We would like you to be very careful and cautious in your work.

    *The schedule may change depending on the banks and contractors

    Fort Financial Services-Citadel of Trading

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    Dear traders!

    We are pleased to announce the launch of a promotional campaign "Welcome Bonus 15 USD".

    From 2015/06/10 to 2015/06/21 the welcome bonus of $ 15 USD or the equivalent in EUR is available to all customers.

    The bonus is available to both new customers and those who are already working with Fort Financial Services.

    If you are an existing customer and have previously received a welcome bonus of 5 USD, then during the term of the action you can take a new bonus 15 USD. You just need to click a button to get a bonus in the appropriate section of your Trader's Room. In case, your "old" welcome bonus 5 USD is still active, you can continue to work with it. Thus, some of you will be able to work simultaneously with two bonuses old and new. The trading turnover for bonuses will be calculated in series.

    Best of luck with your trading!

    Fort Financial Services - Citadel of Trading

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    You can learn more about the promotion on 22.06.2015 on the official website of the international licensed broker Fort Financial Services.

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