Indicator 3.14

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    Indicator 3.14

    Indicator 3.14

    We offer an innovative product which was created long time. This indicator contains in itself all the best that can offer modern methods of analysis and prediction of future market movements. No need to learn to understand its signals - they are simple and obvious. Indicator code does not contain MAs, MACD, MOM, etc. Its code contains a very complex statistical and mathematical calculations. The indicator is written by an experienced programmer and no one will have problems with it. The indicator has been tested and tuned for a long time and proved its exceptional reliability and reliability of its signals.

    The indicator is specially designed for the forex market with small timeframes - M1, M5 and M15. The best results are shown on highly volatile pairs for example as EURJPY, GBPJPY. But it can also be used on any other with the appropriate settings. It also signals a reliable synthetic charts as the RenkoBars and RangeBars.

    The indicator does not repaint their values under any conditions on any type of charts. The indicator works only with data on the current timeframe and does not use data from other timeframes and pairs. The signal from the indicator can only appear and disappear on the unclosed (current) bar (must see this effect on video). This is perfectly normal no one can know the closing price of the current bar any indicator also.

    The signal often appears on the current bar but finally appears on the full formed (first) bar only. When he makes an audible signal (can be turned off). All the default settings made for the timeframe of M5 any pair.

    VIDEO from tester EURJPY M5:
    Forex Indicator 3.14 - YouTube

    The indicator also reliable when important news are published on the market (video of real-time EURJPY M1, with accelerated speed):
    Forex Indicator 3.14 - YouTube

    The indicator will be delivered as compiled and will only work on the one trading account of the owner. The buyer must report to us before purchasing your account number in the MT4 (name of the broker does not matter).

    Platform: MetaTrader 4
    Broker: Any
    TimeFrame: M1, M5, M15 (best results on Median Renko box 3-5 pips)
    Pair: high volatility (EURJPY, GBPJPY etc)

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    Within 2 weeks is a unique discount of 50%. The price for you will be 649.99$ only.

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