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    Dear forum member and forex traders!
    We are glad to welcome you on behalf of the Rebate Service

    About us:
    Forex-Police system shall return up to 90% of spread or commission on each of your trade deal, whether or not it is profitable! We are working together with many Forex brokers.
    We will pay for your Forex trading! Or another – return to you part of spread on each transaction, regardless of whether it is profitable or not!

    All you need is:
    1. Sign up on our website or login in the system if you are already registered.
    2. In Personal cabinet go to the "Broker accounts"
    3. Select a broker with whom you are working from the list in your cabinet*.
    4. Enter the number of your trading account in the form of adding accounts.
    5. If you registered with a broker having followed the link from our site, you should indicate this by selecting "Yes", if another link, for example, found in a search engine then select "No".
    6. Check the data and click "Add".

    After this added account will appear in the list of your accounts. And the after confirmation by manager of you will start receiving cashback (rebate) payments on it from each of the deal, made on your trading account with a selected broker.
    After the accumulation of funds in the you rebate account - in our system, more than $ 30 - you can withdraw them using any convenient way for you (PerfectMoney, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard , bank account and etc.).
    *If the company with which you are trading at Forex market, isn't present in the list, contact us, and we will surely consider the demand for addition of this company in our system.

    Example of calculation and charging return of spread (rebate):
    You added trading account 258459 of broker GoodForex. Opened the trade terminal, logged in your account 258459 and started trading. In day you made transactions:
    • EUR/USD – 2 lots
    • GBP/USD – 1.5 lots
    • USD/JPY – 0.5 lots
    • EUR/CHF – 0.25 lots

    On Forex-Police System website broker GoodForex has basic value of return 10USD per 1 lot . This return rate is calculated for EUR/USD as the most widespread among traders. So, what return at this broker you will receive?
    • EUR/USD = 2 лота*10USD = 20 USD
    • GBP/USD = 1.5 лота*10USD = 15 USD
    • USD/JPY = 0.5 lots*9,58USD (a rate for this pair) = 4.79 USD
    • EUR/CHF = 0.25 lots*11,19USD (a rate for this pair) = 2.79 USD

    Total in one day of trade you receive rebate on account in – 42.58 USD

    We ask to pay attention that on some brokers charge goes to an automatic mode right after closing of your transaction in the market. On other companies there is once a day or once a week – depending on the company and its scheme of the reporting before System. You will be able to find more detailed information on our website.
    We will publish monthly rating of Forex brokers formed by experts of our Service - TOP10 Forex companies , analyzed on a set of criteria.

    In this thread we will gladly answer any questions you may have. Consider your suggestions to improve the Service.
    Sign up now and join a community of traders who earn more than others!

    Yours faithfully, Kate Simpson
    Manager of Rebate Service of
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