Hello guys,

Im a believer of BINARY OPTIONS. Having been trading 4 years so far, getting big lost in the past like everyone too, I realize some valuable things to be a successful BINARY OPTIONS TRADERS. I want to share here :

1. Dont trade blindly - You better remember this and put it on the top in your mind. NEVER TRADE when you can't realize the trend & direction, unless you want to burn your balance.

2. Money Managerment - Very important. Keep Your Fund is always more important than Take Your Chances. Chances are always around you. So that, do not try to risk all in just one or two trade. Better, around 2.5% - 5% per order is greatest.

3. Be patient - Yeah, its the key of success. If you can not wait until everything goes clear and the thing you trade forms a trend, you will be blind. For example, when you see the EURUSD is in a consolidation, then SHOULD NOT TRADE IT. Just when it gets out of the ledge then you should enter in the market.