Hi guys,

Im a believer of BINARY OPTIONS. Having traded 4 years so far, I realized a very bad thing : there are up to 80 - 90% EXISTING BINARY OPTIONS BROKERS are SCAM. Very few in this industry are honest.

My friends, my brothers who blindly listened to them with lied promise that they will make big money if they invest, usually had a sad consequence of lossing result. I Myseft has lost so much when i was a noob newbie because of them too.

So that, with my respect for Trader Community, I wanna share my value experiences with you to consider before investing your money in a BINARY OPTIONS COMPANY.


1. Always encourage you to invest more money, and promise out very good things like regular profit per month (always 100%, no lose), x2 or x3 account balance in short time ...etc..

2. Withdrawal takes so long. They just want to delay as long as they can. An honest broker always processes a withdrawal in maximum of 48 hours. For example, Bancdebinary is a scam website. They told they need 7 DAYS for the withdrawal to arrive, but after that they ALWAYS TOLD THIS MONTH THEY HAD DELAYS.

3. Many complaints. Please check it on GOOGLE before you invest. If you see that the BINARY OPTION BROKER you want to invest in has many complaints then, think again carefully.

4. NO regulation. Those broker were founded freely and illegally, so that they couldnt be regulated

These are 4 basic signs to realize a SCAM BROKER. Remeber, if you deposit money into a SCAM BINARY OPTION BROKER, it means you feed them, to develop and continue to scam more